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The American Flag And Its 10 Astounding Truths

#6. The person who commissioned the maiden flag


The first flag of the United States was reportedly commissioned by a native American. The United States of America did not have a national flag even a year after the American revolution. Thomas Green, a native American, on his way to Philadelphia feared crossing the territory. He felt it would be safe to fly with the country’s flag and sadly no such thing existed. Green, then, took the initiative to write to Congress about the pressing need. The voice was heard and a resolution was passed within 10 days by Congress. Green also offered to get wampum as payment to get the flag done.

The Flag resolution was passed on June 14 and this came to be known as Flag Day in the United States of America. The resolution suggested that the flag have 13 red and white stripes in alternate and 13 stars in a blue field representing the Union. The flag made its presence and Green got his payment.


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