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The American Flag And Its 10 Astounding Truths

#5. They are simply not colors


It’s not just the stars, even colors hold a meaning. It is no new fact that the 50 stars on the flag represent the states and the stripes represent the 13 colonies. However, the colors hold significance too. The United States could have chosen to have any color to be on their flag. They could have also colors that didn’t match with the colors of the United Kingdom’s flag, considering they waged a bitter war with them seeking independence. However, the colors hold their special meaning.

The colors, initially, did not have a specific meaning. Ultimately, the colors didn’t hold meaning until the Great Seal of the United States was formed. It was in the year 1782, the colors got their meaning. The Secretary of Continental Congress gave the colors their meaning. Charles Thompson quoted, “White stands for innocence and purity, red represents valor and hardiness, justice, perseverance, and vigilance is to be represented by blue.


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