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The American Flag And Its 10 Astounding Truths

#3. Guess who designed the flag with 50-stars


If you are wondering whose brainchild is the 50-star flag, then you are sure to earn some brownie points for a right guess. This dates back to the joining of Hawaii and Alaskan islands to the United States. The calls and cries for a new design of the flag were answered from an improbable source. While there were plenty of flag enthusiasts who took part, the idea first originated from an unprofessional source. It is the idea of a high-school student, that has made the nation’s flag so famous and unique in its representation. No one believed that a high-school student’s idea would be approved. And, that is what happened on an eventful day when Ohio-based Bob’s design was approved.

Metal, iron, and fabric, the three components included in Bob’s design made everyone look at it in awe. With no sewing experience, Bob managed to showcase a representation of 50 states. He put-forth his 50-star design over a 48-star design by the family and took it to class. The teacher soon snubbed him and marked him “B” also, told him, if you won’t get it approved at Washington. The teacher recalled the trivial incident. However, the 50-star flag was the longest to fly over the nation. It flew for 50-years. Bob also made a 51-star flag before he passed, if at all Puerto Rico joins the states.


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