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The American Flag And Its 10 Astounding Truths

#2. One flag, too many version


Would you believe if someone said there were 27 versions for the American flag? The United States of America stretched in size, expanded its boundaries, and went towards becoming one vast nation. From a count of 13 colonies, in the beginning, it grew to 50 states. With the inclusion of every state, it became important to represent the state in the flag. Don’t you think this is a unique way of honoring every state? Yes, it is! Not many countries attempt to modify their national flag to represent or honor every state. The United States of America, as a nation, always stood to represent its growing nature, and always preferred to modify the flag as each state joined the Union.

Many designs came up as and when the states got added to the Union. However, the design just didn’t sit with everyone’s taste. This provided an opportunity for the citizens of the nation to present their ideas. The legislatures and regular citizens were allowed to submit entries for the flag. While stripes were a constant in most of the versions, the field of stars had many alluring motifs. There were also instances when some unofficial versions were flown above the Army forts. These flags had stars assembled in a diamond, circle, or sometimes a star pattern. The flag manufacturers even beat the gun once when South and North Dakota were added. They came up with a flag with stars, 39 in number, with a preempt that they shall be amalgamated into a single state.


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