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The American Flag And Its 10 Astounding Truths

#1. Stripes, stripes,13 stripes, but not always!


Every American must be aware of the 13 stripes present in their flag and the reason for it. Yes, everyone believes it represents the 13 colonies. The 13 great colonies that formed a nation! There are six white stripes and 7 red stripes, since the origination. The stripes were later expanded to 15, an increase in number as Kentucky and Vermont joined the league. The national symbol was then faced with a configuration issue. To assimilate all the states that joined to form this great nation, the number of stripes was increased to 15 on the flag.

With the boundaries expanding in the West, the nation was again faced with a design challenge. There was a serious thought whether to keep increasing the number of stripes or to keep it original. The nation then decided to go with 13 stripes, a representation of 13 colonies at the inception. A flag with 15 stars flew over the nation for good 23 years until they went back to the concept of 13 stripes. Five great Presidents served during this period flying the flag with stars.


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