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The American Flag And Its 10 Astounding Truths

#10. Name? it’s elegance!


Many Americans simply don’t know that there is a name to the flag that represents a congregation of 50 states. Yes, the American flag has a name and if you perceive it to be a star-studded banner, you might go wrong! The American flag has a name that is good to spell, good to hear! The American flag is all glory and it is named Old Glory. The flag once owned by William Driver was given this name. A captain from Massachusetts named the flag, flew it even more during the civil war in Tennessee. It also flew on the native American home of Driver. “Rain or Shine” the home named after two natural phenomena.

The local militias targeted the flag after the civil war. William Driver was smart enough to hide the flag and save it from any form of atrocity. In 1862, after the fall of Nashville, Driver approached the Union forces’ commanding general to present his flag. The story, thus, got a twist. The flag flew over the statehouse of Tennessee. Thus, people acknowledged the story of the survival of the flag and understood the significance of the name. Old Glory became the name of the American flag. It is Driver who safeguarded the glory of the American flag and so, it became a thing of glory for all.

Reading or revisiting a page in history is interesting. Even more interesting is to know the little-known facts and learn them all. The American flag is a symbol of elegance, beauty, and a wonderful union to be celebrated!


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