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The American Flag And Its 10 Astounding Truths


Native Americans treat their country’s flag with a lot of respect and you may even see them exhibit it in front of their homes right on the flag poles. You will see them display their national flag in every possible instance, even on clothes. Very few countries in the world allow their flags to be pervasive like the Americans. It can sometimes be a far-fetched dream for many countries. If you are not a person native to the United States of America, you are most probably considering this fact with awe. You may just find it too difficult to believe. But, that’s the country all about! A bag of surprising facts, a country with incredible history, a land of amazing people!

The unshakeable love that Americans show towards their flag dates back to the days in the history of the country. However, not many know the flag so well. Many think they know, but they may not! Several facts are being taught to the children of America and it is not always true as the teachers may think. Here is an attempt to unravel the legend and give a deeper insight into the history of the national flag. Read below a few interesting facts about the National flag of America.


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