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10 Strange Ways People Have Survived Bear Attacks

#8. Beacons


In 2011, one of the most gruesome and rare grizzly attacks occurred. A group of seven young men was taking a month-long survival training in Alaska. Joshua Berg initially encountered the bear while returning to their campground. While the other boys rushed for shelter, he was mercilessly attacked. Another student, Sam Gottsegen, attempted to assist but was attacked himself. When the bear returned for a second bout, Noah Allaire was bitten and clawed in the torso.

Before the bear fled for good, another youngster received minor injuries. Three of the lads were in critical condition after being stranded in the middle of nowhere. The youngsters, who had been given a beacon to use as a distress signal, activated it and assisted the injured into a tent. The rescue took several hours because the initial helicopter could only carry a few of the lads. All of them eventually made it to the hospital and lived to tell the tale. The fact that bears rarely attack big groups of humans makes this story all the more bizarre. Hikers are frequently encouraged to travel in groups since bears perceive more humans as a threat.


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