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10 Strange Ways People Have Survived Bear Attacks

#7. Yell for assistance


While on vacation at Glacier National Park, Johan and Jenna Otter, an active father and daughter hiking combo, came dangerously close to dying. Jenna caught the female bear off guard as she rounded a bend on the route. Otter stood in between the grizzly bear and Jenna to protect her. Otter jumped down the mountainside to get away from the bear and protect his daughter. Bears can sprint uphill and downhill, contrary to popular belief. The grizzly didn’t go after his daughter until he was on the verge of falling down a cliff.

Otter couldn’t get to Jenna since she was badly mauled, but she managed to appear dead until the mother bear finally departed. Both were spotted by a hiker and taken in for treatment after crying for aid for hours. Otter lost most of his hair and Jenna was gravely hurt, but they both survived. Otter has a goal of returning to the exact trail where he was assaulted and completing the initial walk. That takes a lot of bravery, but Otter emphasized that he needs to recover from the trauma.


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