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10 Strange Ways People Have Survived Bear Attacks

#6. Spray with pepper


Hunters, like wildlife photographers, frequently come into bears. Dr. Fred Bahnson, Mark Matheny’s hunting friend, was no exception. The two came saw a mother grizzly nursing her kids while on a bow-hunting trip.

When Matheny tried to holler at her to scare her away, she charged regardless and tried to bite his face off. Matheny yelled and was terrified, which only made the onslaught worse. Bahnson did his utmost to divert the bear’s attention away from Matheny, but she returned for another bout. Matheny tried to hide and wait out the attack, but she didn’t back away until Bahnson distracted the bear and sprayed her in the face with normal pepper spray. After the attack, Matheny resigned from his construction job and founded UDAP, a company that specializes in bear repellents. Despite the terror of the incident, Matheny was able to convert it into a chance to aid others.


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