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10 Strange Ways People Have Survived Bear Attacks

#4. Look for a haven


Two Canadian women had a close call with a black bear in a hair-raising incident. Nikki Latta, one of the women, attempted to flee by jumping off a nearby ledge. She didn’t want to abandon her buddy Lindsay Jones, either. When Jones finally overcome her fear, the two of them took turns making noises in an attempt to confuse the bear. Latta had learned in survival seminars that rushing away from bears is ineffective, but terror and adrenaline had already taken over.

Jones eventually came to a hunter’s hut and crawled through a high window after punching it out. Latta discovered the same hut, and the two hid inside for safety while the bear attempted to enter. Because black bears will not stop attacking, experts concur those victims of black bear attacks should seek protection and wait out the attack. Latta and Jones were exceedingly fortunate to have discovered the cabin and to have a cell phone. They were able to contact 911 and were rescued.


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