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10 Strange Ways People Have Survived Bear Attacks

#3. The Shovel That Doesn’t Work


Nic Patrick of Cody, Wyoming, was working on his farm when he was attacked by a mother grizzly bear. He’d caught the bear off guard, leading her to retaliate, which is the most typical reason bears attack. He had a shovel with him, but when he whacked her with it, it had little effect. The bear moved away in the incorrect direction after smacking his face and chewing him a little.

She realized she’d left her cubs on the other side of Patrick, so she turned around and whacked him again as she hurried back to her babies. Patrick somehow walked home after being attacked twice. His limbs were injured, but the worst thing was that he lost his nose. He acknowledges that he was upset at the bear at first, but that he soon changed his opinion. Patrick believed the bear was not to blame after spending weeks in the Denver hospital. He blamed himself for not considering the possibility of a bear entering his land, claiming she was protecting her young.


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