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10 Strange Ways People Have Survived Bear Attacks

#2. Live for dying another day


Wildlife photographers, unsurprisingly, are frequently attacked by wild animals. Jim Cole, a bear lover, and a photographer was mauled by grizzlies not once, but twice. In Glacier National Park, Alaska, a bear finally caught up with him after many “bluff charges,” in which bears pretend to rush to scare away threats. His scalp and arm were bitten by the bear. Cole was on a shoot when he came into a female grizzly who swiped at his face and blinded him in one eye, years after the initial incident.

Cole survived the first attack but died shortly after the second. Cole died of heart troubles, unlike Timothy Treadwell, the self-proclaimed grizzly man. Even though the bears he came close to were hostile towards him, he adored them and wanted to protect them until the end of his life.


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