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10 Strange Ways People Have Survived Bear Attacks

#1. Kick The Bear


Laurie Cooksey of Virginia was out hiking with her three children one evening when she came across a black bear. Black bears are particularly deadly because, unlike brown and grizzly bears, the “play dead” rule does not apply to them. According to the Virginia Department of Games and Inland Fisheries, there are roughly 17,000 black bears in the area, but attacks are rare. The majority of the time, bears are the first to detect humans and flee.

Cooksey and her son, Ellis, spotted a bear standing on its hind legs on the trail. They fled, but the bear caught up to them and clawed Cooksey across the back of her neck. When escaping didn’t work, they decided to slide down the mountainside to escape the bear, but the bear chased them down. When the bear grabbed her leg, Cooksey kicked it hard enough to cause it to fall back, allowing them to flee. Cooksey is lucky he didn’t skip leg day!


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