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10 Strange Ways People Have Survived Bear Attacks

#10. Bear Stabbing


A hunter called Gene Moe was attacked by a hungry brown bear while chopping up a buck he’d just shot on Kodiak Island, Alaska. Moe dodged, ducked, and swung his knife at the bear, treating the fight like a boxing match. The bear scratched him up and flung him, proving himself to be a worthy opponent. Moe managed to stab the bear in the neck many times before punching her just below the eye.

Despite his injuries, he was still able to shoot her when she finally walked away. People were skeptical of Moe’s story until he had a taxidermist examine the bear’s body. Moe was in his seventies when the bear attacked him, which is as incredible as it sounds. He was up and running and resumed usual activities quickly after the accident, according to his relatives. While it may appear like bending down and pretending to be dead is the most rational option, Moe is living proof that sheer guts, drive, and one nasty right hook can save you from certain death.


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