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10 Strange Ways People Have Survived Bear Attacks

#9. Put your arm down its throat for a reflux


We’ve read about numerous great acts of bravery and wit that have helped people survive bear attacks, but none compare to Chase Dellwo’s story. While elk hunting, Dellwo came into a grizzly bear. The bear had been sleeping and was irritated at being awakened. The bow-hunter appeared to be doomed after a couple of bites from the bear. He remembered reading in an article that large animals had strong gag reflexes, so he was relieved. Dellwo decided that giving it a shot was preferable to dying, so he thrust his arm into the grizzly’s mouth. The bear had had enough and had wandered away.

Dellwo was still able to walk when he was discovered by his brother, who brought him to the hospital. Dellwo had been badly injured and required several stitches and staples to get away from the bear. He may have lost parts of his head and limbs, but he earned a lot of swagger in the process.


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