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10 Rumored Locations Of Long Lost Hidden Treasures

#8. The Kruger Millions


The President of South Africa at the time of the South African War (Paul Kruger) was forced into exile in Europe after South Africa managed to overthrow the British Empire. He left Pretoria on 29 May 1900 and traveled to Machadodorp on 4 June by train. He managed to get on a ship that took him to Europe and died in exile in Geneva, Switzerland.

Allegedly, after he left, Kruger hid away a collection of gold bars and coins, valued at $500 million somewhere in the Blue River area. The rumors started in 1900 and have only grown in popularity since then. A British governor said that the South African Mint had gold taken from it, and it seemed like Kruger was the only logical perpetrator at the time.

While in Machadodorp, a train was loaded to the brim with gold bars and coins and sent to Mozambique. There’s no doubt this was somehow related to Kruger, but the train never actually arrived, and the gold seemingly vanished. Treasure hunters have been searching for this gold ever since. Though an exact location is difficult to pinpoint, it’s probably stashed away on a farm between Sabie and Waterval Boven.


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