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10 Rumored Locations Of Long Lost Hidden Treasures

#6. Varyagin’s Valuable Cargo


Although not always considered one of the more wealthy countries in history, Russia comes in at number six on this list. Treasure hunters have been searching for several Russian artifacts, including the Library of Ivan The Terrible, Napoleon’s Gold (believed to have sunk in a lake somewhere in the Smolensk Region), and Kolchal’s Gold (valued at over $280 million).

However, one particular cargo liner takes the cake. On 7 October 1906, the Varyagin cargo liner sank off the coast of Ussuri Bay. It didn’t seem like a major loss at the time, but Aleksei Semyonovich Varyagin’s owner made its worth known. He asked the authorities to compensate him for the “valuable cargo” lost after his ship sank. He requested 60,000 rubles. Unfortunately for Varyagin, he got denied.

That didn’t stop Varyagin from trying, though. In 1913, he launched an expedition to the site of the wreck. His efforts ultimately amounted to nothing, and the commencement of the Great war hindered any further attempts. However, there are still some treasure hunters out there that are seeking the treasure to this day. It could be worth it since he never found his ship, and he certainly had valuables on board.


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