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10 Rumored Locations Of Long Lost Hidden Treasures

#2. East River Treasure


On its way to Rhode Island (along the East River) in November 1780, the HMS Hussar sank in the strait somewhere between Astoria and Wards Island (known as Hell Gate). The Hussar, a 28-gun British warship, was believed to be carrying gold to the value of over $4 million. For what reason they were hauling this gold isn’t known, but survivors of the wreckage said that they delivered the treasure to the destination before the ship sank. If that were true, any treasure hunting attempts would be futile!

The British government themselves didn’t buy into this, though, and even searched to find the wreck on three occasions, but to no success. Why would they need to find the site if they delivered the treasure, you might ask? Well, that’s what’s sparked the excitement in treasure hunters to this day.

Most experts believe that the remains of the Hussar are part of the landfill in the Bronx now. Some treasure hunters also believe the gold may be there too. You’d have to be pretty invested if you’re willing to dig up a landfill to try and find it! So far, no one has managed to locate anything other than a few small artifacts, and the actual wreck site is still undetermined.


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