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10 Rumored Locations Of Long Lost Hidden Treasures

#1. Jesse James’ Gold


Have you heard the historic fables of Jesse James before? He wasn’t a great guy, but he was certainly rich. To name a few of his misdemeanors over his lifetime, he was a participant in the Centralia Massacre of 1864, as well as becoming a common criminal with his brother, Frank, robbing stagecoaches, trains, and banks across Midwest America. There was a huge bounty on Jesse’s head, which eventually got claimed by one of his gang members, who shot him dead with a bullet.

As evil as Jesse James’ deeds were, he didn’t come without a cult following. As so often happens with figures of this magnitude, people believed him to be a bit more of a Robin Hood, and thus, a hero to worship. Nothing got proven about him sharing any of his wealth with the less fortunate, but his followers were strong believers at the very least.

Now comes the fun part. People believe that Jesse buried some of his loot in the Keechi Hills of the Wichita Mountains in Oklahoma. Locals and tourists try to decipher the symbols and clues carved into the rocks. Jesse and Frank allegedly left those clues and carvings themselves, and people now believe it’s what will lead them to the gold! It’s still out there for the claiming!


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