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10 Rumored Locations Of Long Lost Hidden Treasures

#10. Nadir Shah’s Loot


In 1739, there was a Persian invader of India, known as Nadir Shah. He invaded Delhi with 50,000 men and managed to massacre at least 30,000 people. Once finished, he and his men looted the city. The resulting treasure caravan was about 150 miles long. Imagine how much treasure they accumulated for that much mileage!

Some people believe that Nadir was murdered at some point on his way back from Delhi, while others believe it happened a few years later. No one is certain when he died. However, what is certain is someone killed him, and the alleged killer was Ahmad Shah, who stole the bulk of Nadir’s already stolen treasure. Ahmad buried these treasures in the tunnels of the Hindu Kush Mountains.

One such treasure from the collection was the Koh-I-Noor diamond, which was recovered and added to the British Crown Jewels. However, pretty much all of the rest of it remains hidden. Any lucky treasure hunter could be the one to stumble upon it one day.


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