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10 Rumored Locations Of Long Lost Hidden Treasures

#9. Stolen European Treasures


Ua Secret Service officer It’s no secret that the Nazis stole plenty of treasure when they were in power, but it is a secret where they might have hidden some of it. Under the pseudonym “Michaelis,” a Secret Service officer wrote in a journal that Heinrich Himmler was planning to hide stolen European treasures. The journal was kept away from the public though for a long time after the fact.

In 2019, the Polish foundation known as Silesian Bridge received the journal as a gift. It included a map with the journal’s procurement, which only sparked more excitement that the potential hidden treasures could be genuine. There was an indication of a well on the Hochberg Palace grounds as the starting point for most stolen treasures. Over 63,000 pieces of art and cultural artifacts were stolen and hidden at the time by the Nazis.


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