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Watch Out, These Fashion Trends Might Be Making You Look Much Older


Everyone is different and has a variety of liking. Trends come and go, but style is unique! There are many fashion magazines out there, they speak about a great contrast of styles. Some seem exceptional, or some others seem to look older.

Which fashion or appearance makes your look marvelous? Or what you should avoid? Maybe, you don’t understand that, right? Hmm, we will unfold these. In this post, we discuss some old fashions that you should ignore right now, and by ignoring these, your age will be less than your beauty!

Then, are you interested in having a look at them? Let’s go and keep learning what you should avoid that makes you more aged than your age! We hope that you will enjoy this article very much.

1. Too Much Hair Volume

You may think a good volume of hair is an excellent thing to beautify your look. Hmm, you are right. But, much hair volume turns into aged instead of making you pretty looking. Sometimes, your too much hair volume gives you a hot hairstyle that brings a mess in your looks.

According to a New York City salon owner, a mature client says that she must have standard height and thinks teased-up hair makes her look older. Though, volume is a different thing that can make you look elegant and decent.

Therefore, teased-hair styles intend to use hairspray and may have side effects that you don’t expect. And, these styles make you look like an aging person day by day. So, too much hair volume can be a bar to express what you are.

2. Your Long Hair

Long hair makes you beautiful. No doubt about it. But, not always.

A survey says most women think that having long hair can help them to hide their imperfections. But when you want to defeat your age and make your looks impressive, you put your beauty at risk with long hair. So yeah, long hair is not a symbol of youth because it makes you older than your age.

Famous hairstylist Mitch Stone told once long hair makes a woman more aged. This hairstylist inspires women to keep a longer bob hairstyle that can make someone stand up and stand out with rare beauty.

3. Your Outfit matches Your Lipstick

 It means a lot. Yes, it is as usual that you always try to wear lipstick matching your outfits. If your dress suits your lipstick, it makes your look eye-catching. Hmm, a good combination between lipstick and the clothes you wear is pretty excellent.

But what will happen if you make a difference? If you use a different lip color that doesn’t match the color of your outfit, then how does it looks? Think of it for once. We hope you will find a more different look that makes you unique and gorgeous.

When you try to match between lipstick and the outfit you wear, it makes you a bit aged, like mom-style. So, you can get a catchy look with the difference between the lipstick color and the outfit.

4. Jeggings Are Not Jeans

Sometimes, your comfort dress-up makes you look older, not smarter! If you wear jeggings, it seems a bit more comfortable, but they don’t reveal you in that way if you wear jeans. We’re not distinguishing between jeans and jeggings, but you already know jeggings and jeans are not the same things.

When you wear jeans, they work excellent to show the beauty of your figure, but at the same time, jeggings don’t do the same thing. If you wear jeggings, it makes your looks thinner as this apparel helps to lose your shape.

5. You Wear Too Much Jewelry

Unique and exceptional jewelry hones beauty. There is no doubt about it. But, large sizes jewelry can do the opposite. When you go to the shop to purchase your favorite jewelry, you always try to choose the big one.

Big sizes jewelry might diminish your natural look, no matter it comes from gold or diamond! Big accessories may give you an eye-catching look, but they always put your flashes down with a more artificial appearance.

So, you don’t want to have them because they may look older to you than your actual age.

6. The more Tan Makes You Older

Definitely, it is. According to a clinical report, tanning is one of the culprits that increases your age quickly. It creates skin damage, and sometimes, tanning is the main reason that creates deep fine lines, wrinkles and makes you older within a short time.

So, tanning is not a good thing for your skin. But, the most exciting matter is most women think about fake tanning to prevent their age. Temporarily, you may look eye-catching, but it has high side effects in the long run.

What makes you more stylish for a while but much older in the long term that you must avoid.

7. Over-Plucked Eyebrows Doesn’t Look Good

The over-plucked eyebrow is an innovative trend to make your beauty more. Your eyes are the most significant part of your overall beauty. Many women search online for the latest trend of the eyebrow that will help them to add a new dimension to their look. Maybe you are one of them!

You use an over-plucked eyebrow to improve your looks. Good, but if it makes you aged, how do you find it helpful to thrive your beauty? You may ignore it to get a prettier look as you are sincere enough about honing more beauty.

8. The Jersey Dress Trend Doesn’t Work Great

Many women like jersey dress as their favorite! Everyone wants to wear comfortable clothes, why not you? But the trend of jersey dress doesn’t work excellent to make your looks younger. Jerseys show imperfection in expressing your beauty.

These dresses can honestly age a person although they are not so expensive! Jerseys can be great for home use, but you cannot wear them for outdoor use as they make your appearance a bit more aged. Definitely, you don’t want your look aged.

9. You Love Head-To-Toe Pastels

Pastels are trendy and stylish. You may love to wear one-colored outfits that will include a blend of blue or pink. If you are an older woman, it’s pretty elegant to wear pastels. But when you want to grab younger looks, pastels are not a good match at all.

Hence, this apparel can make your appearance fade and more aged. When you wear pastels, it means no variation in your style, makes you look older. Just think of a pair of jeans instead of a set of pastels, and then you can understand what makes you more fashionable!

10. Long And Floor Length Skirt Hides Your Beauty

You may think a long and floor-length skirt nicely covers your legs, hmm, maybe! But not stylish. If you want to check it yourself, go in front of the mirror wearing a long and floor-length skirt. It makes you look older than how you are.

A Floor-length skirt hides your body that could have been more impressive if it was a little bit exposed! Sometimes, long skirts give you a comfortable fitting but don’t assure a unique and catchy style that makes your look younger. Slightly, it throws you into the group of seniors.

11. Extra Makeup

Proper makeup makes you beautiful. But more can do the opposite! If you take powdery or cakey make-up and go to the sun, it can harm your skin and makes your face look older, not younger! Yes, you may want to cover skin spots with cakey face makeup, but sometimes, it could be more harmful than your spots.

Even if you are young and take extra makeup, it makes you look a bit aged. When you think you need a bit cakey or power on your face to get an eye-catching look, that’s good but not so good to use all over the face.

12. You Cover Your Neck Much

When you are playing – you versus aging, you should be careful of what makes you younger and what puts you to the elders. The neck is one of the parts of your body that enhances your beauty more than others.

So, you try to cover it up with more. The beauty of the neck reduces with age. You may use turtlenecks to tighten your neck’s skin, but sometimes, it does the opposite thing and makes your look older. You can lightly use turtlenecks, but not more.

 If you want to cover your neck more, your natural beauty will become less. And, finally, you look older.

13. Same Hairstyle For Longtime

Regularity is excellent. But in appearance or looks, the regular doing the same thing doesn’t make you smarter. When you have the same hairstyle for a long time, that doesn’t make you look younger. You have to cope with the trends to become stylish, fashionable, and elegant.

The best hairstyles can be fade over time, so you need to check the latest ones. When you manage the same hairstyle for a long time, it gives no taste of your style. So, you have to be tricky to find a new hairstyle to make you look younger!

14. Dark Lipsticks Is A Mark Of Aging

Dark lips may give you a moody feel, but it doesn’t make you look more youthful. When you think your dark lip is your style and you are looking excellent, it might be a bit wrong. Your dark lip can be a mark of aging! As we age, our lips become lighter and thinner and get fade over time.

According to beauty experts, a dark lip encompasses the mark of aging and makes you older than the actual age. When the black lip is dry, it is no longer attractive, but rather it gives the mark of age.

15. More Messy Jewelry

Jewelry! One of the best elements of beauty hunters! But messy jewelry is not the exact thing. More messy jewelry can turn your overall beauty less instead of making you so elegant. You may think of it seriously! You spend lots of money on matchy-matchy jewelry, but it makes your look older, then what’s the benefit? Skip it.

Style is not always a style. You may try to pick matching sets that will enhance your overall beauty. Better, you may choose simple jewelry that will add more dimension to your beauty!

 16. Wearing Floral Patterns Is Outdated

Flowers are beautiful. Everybody admires floral patterns. Floral style can be eye-catching when it comes to spring or on any special occasion. But, floral fashions are not for all the seasons or all the places you go.

For example, you go to a local shop to buy something with a floral outlay. This fashion makes you clumsy and deficient in your looks. Don’t you think so? Okay, you are a floral lover, better you pick the smaller floral pattern that makes your appearance younger and eye-catching!

 17. Undergarments That Don’t Fit

In the modern age, thousands of undergarments out there that match with any of the outfits. The fashion industry is more modernized than before. So, you can get such undergarments that suit your apparel and make you feel better and comfortable!

For this reason, you may avoid excuses to wear any type of ill-fitted exposed underwear. Top celebrity Kim Kardashian started trading perfect undergarments that cover skin-toned fashion lines and one-legged socks. You can try them for once to know how they suit you.

Many women think they wear ill-fitted undergarments that bring them a sexy look and make them attractive, but the reality is not like that. It makes them look older than to be a youth.

18. Loose And Shapeless Outfits

Many women tend to wear loose-fitting outfits for more comfort. Good, it is. But does it make look stylish? Never. Loose-fitting clothes age you and reveal you like more aged women! It’s actually a so-back style, not modern!

Frankly, over-sized outfits can make you look older, not more fashionable. Why? These outfits don’t present the actual shape of your body. If you pick a bit tight-fitting instead of a loose-fitting dress, it makes you look more organized and beautiful.

What do you think? Loose-fitting outfits make your beauty lose from you!

19. You Use Long Sleeves

You have some areas in your body you care about most. Passing days, some areas of your body get more aged than other areas. The upper arm is one of them. As we get older day by day, it seems to hover, fall, and roll around.

So, naturally, you want to cover up your arms with the hope of hiding your arms wearing long sleeves. You think it is an excellent way to hide imperfections. But, you go wrong as the long sleeves do the opposite thing.

By wearing long sleeves, you give a mark of aging. No one will look at your arms first, but when you wear long sleeves, they think, why?

20. Bright And Tan Pantyhose

Indeed a shoddy pair of tights makes you older. It can ruin your regular outfits too. Once it was similar to be madness having a skirt without a pair of pantyhose. Time has changed. Now, the undergarments magnify you look younger even you are a more aged person!

Stylist Roxie Nafousi shares in her fashion blog, tights symbolize aging marks. But if you are a tights lover, she recommends choosing dark shades and opaque styles including, navy blue or black. Your little consideration can make a big difference and make you look hottest!

21. You Use Heavy And Dark Eyeliner

Less is more. Small things matter a lot. When it comes to choosing the eyeliner, then you may pick heavy and dark eyeliner! Maybe you don’t know dark and heavy eyeliner can make you look older. There are some reasons behind this.

Makeup artists say that thick eyeliner can make you look marvelous for a while. But in the long run, it has very regretful results. It causes wrinkles and crevices that make you older no matter you are younger!

But we don’t know it, and we try to use dark and heavy eyeliner to express our beauty!

22. You Use Small Handbags

 What type of handbag you use reveals who you are or how your personality is. Hmm, we are talking about the perfect purse that makes your appearance elegant and catchy! If you use a small handbag, then it might prove you are not up-to-date.

But, picking the right handbag is not an easy deal. A little bit small, leather bag or as usual bags may age you, and it can be a choice of grandma’s purse. You don’t want to be like that. So, the best is you may choose a classy, trendy, and youthful handbag that will expose your juvenility!

23. Brooch Is No More Fashion

Let’s cope with the trends.

Years ago, the brooch was fashion. But now, it has become outdated. There are some women who are antique brooch lovers, and they search for eye-catching brooch in the vintage store. But those days have gone away! These days, using a pin has been old-fashioned and makes you look more aged.

Many beauty specialists share that it has been a long time since brooches have been fully out of fashion. Now it looks old, showy, and out of order. You need to follow the trend first and use the latest jewelry that makes you more appealing and younger!

24. You May Wear High Water Capris And Pants

According to some people’s experience, they want to hide their legs as they get older. Others say that they feel discomfort when they wear shorts! Indeed, shorts can be irritable. For this reason, they tend to use high water pants when the weather starts getting a little bit warmer.

But truth to say, those styles can age, and they can’t realize it. The capri pants give a heavier look that makes a person a little bit aged. So why do you pick them that leads to aging? Maybe your answer is, no!

25. Skipping Jeans

Wearing jeans makes you stylish, beautiful, and sexy. A good pair of jeans is the symbol of youth. Many women think that wearing jeans doesn’t make them fashionable, stylish, and sophisticated. Wrong. You are getting older, and saying goodbye to jeans, it’s another wrong.

Wearing jeans doesn’t vary ages! We suggest that a good pair of jeans is for all and ensures evergreen beauty for everyone, whether you are younger or adult. Jeans can be easily fit with any closets and make anyone more youthful.

So, from now on, never skip jeans, and be the start of the youth sky!

26. You Like Blunt Colors

Favorite colors vary from person to person. Suppose, You decide to google to search for the best outfit for you and go to the first page of the search pages, and then your start struggling to pick the color you love most. You don’t like all the colors you see, but you feel trouble choosing your favorite ones. It doesn’t mean you love all the colors.

A survey says that people who have cool skin tones love to choose the best colors in cooler tones, and people of warmer tones tend to pick the best warmer colors like reds, golds, and peaches.

27. Go With Tweed

If you want to get a younger look, then we recommend you no more with tweed. Just remember, no more with tweed. A long time ago, tweed was in high fashion, but now it’s been old. Tweed can’t be the right thing that can make your look younger. Why? The heavy fabric makes it old.

This fabric means a lot of flattering, and it will lead you to an older look. Some alternatives can make you look younger. You can think of them. But the best is to skip the tweed forever if you want to get pure beauty in your overall face.

28. You Use Much Blush

Women have been using blush for many years to beautify their look. They think that blush can give them a more glowing and captivating look. It’s logical. Too much blush can do the opposite. Research says that too much blush can age a person so quickly.

If you want to go with blush, then it’s good if it is less. But when it’s more, then it can turn your look into more aged. So you must be aware of using blush because it may be helpful when it’s smaller and harmful when it’s more.

29. You Always Follow The Trends

In earlier, we mentioned trends come and go. But your style is unique. Every fashion doesn’t fit everyone. So, you can’t stick to the trends. Maybe, you take a look at Instagram or Pinterest to learn new ideas of the latest trends.

Remember, you cannot pick such a trend that doesn’t match your body shape. Then you have to come out of the ado and choose the fashion that suits you. So, take time to find out the top style for you. Your style is different from others and is yours.

30. You Use As Usual Eyewear

What type of eyeglasses you use means a lot. Some of them are out of fashion, and some of them don’t suit you. So? You have to choose such eyewear that fits your face and body shape. Otherwise, it makes you older like your grandpa. Keep in mind that eyewear is the first thing when people see you at first sight.

If you go online to search for the latest trends, you will find thousands of them. Then you can pick the right one for yours. Choosing the perfect eyewear can make you look much prettier and sexier!

31. You Say Yes To Cardigans

Cardigans are great to wear and highly comfortable. How would it be if you wear a cashmere cardigan on a breezy air? Great for anyone! Okay, cardigans are so soft and give you comfort, but what happens when it comes to a style? Cardigans age you as the posture of cardigans don’t you look younger!

Even if you are younger and wear it, then you may look older. Maybe cardigans encompass some features that make anyone look aged. At the same time, you can pick the alternatives of cardigans that can make you look youthful. What are they? You can choose a nice-looking blazer or a stylish jacket instead of cardigans.

32. You Use Scarf

Most probably, you love wearing the scarf very much. A decorative scarf can add extra beauty to your overall appearance. It makes you stylish and fashionable. But wearing a scarf can make you much older. You love wearing something, and that makes you more aged.

Many women try to hide their necks by using a decorative scarf. Though many of them use the scarf to hide imperfections. And, it doesn’t matter how the color of the scarf. Scarf age women and you should avoid scarf if it not cold days. After all, the scarf makes you look not younger, so you can shut it from now!

33. You Forget Belt

Showing off figure has been a trend and intensifying now, and it doesn’t depend on age. But, naturally, we do not use the waistline as we feel comfortable without a belt. But, at this time, it’s significant to use a belt.

If you use a loose-fitting dress for being more comfortable, that’s great. But, without a belt, you don’t show yourself in an eye-catching way. On the other hand, if you use a band on your waist, you can express more beauty.

So, you should not forget to use the belt on your waist if you want to present yourself in an enchanting way.

34. You Use Always Black

Black can spread much light. If you wear a black outfit, you may be looking outstanding. But, if you use black all the time, then it makes you look much older. We are not telling you to ignore black clothes, but we suggest you become a little bit tricky when you wear black dresses.

As you already know, a black outfit can make you more aged. You can try to mix various colors with black, and it will make you more beautiful. We share another great idea that if you can use attractive jewelry with your black dresses, it might look excellent!

35. You Don’t Follow Skincare Routine

A good routine is a key to success. When it comes to a skincare routine, we emphasize more on sticking to the habit. But it is not so easy to find a great skincare routine. If you discover once a quality skincare routine that suits your skin, never skip it.

When you have dull skin and don’t follow a good skincare routine, naturally, you will look older. You cannot change your skin by force, but you can do it by proper nursing! You may use top skincare products including, moisturizers, serums, toners, cleansers, and many more to get better skin.

36. Sometimes You Go Wrong

Try to pick the right thing always. Simplicity is the best way to find your favorite items. You cannot follow your friends or others in what dress they wear, or you will wear the same clothes that make your friend prettier. You should find the clothes suits you best.

Learn what makes you fit the best. In this way, you can learn the basics of your beauty, and after that, you can decorate yourself in your way to make you look stunning. If something doesn’t make you look good, check again other items that mostly fit you. Try your best to create the foundation of your beauty.

37. You Match Tracksuits

Not only you but also all love to match their tracksuits. If you love to wear tracksuits, then you should not pair them with heels. If you suit it, you may seem to look much older. Sometimes, matching makes you look great but sometimes looks more aged. It’s a little bit tricky to match your tracksuits.

38. You May Use Shoulder Pack

Using shoulder pads is not making you look so pretty. It is entirely out of style and puts you in embarrassment. If you add shoulder packs, then it might look like you a more aged person, and you definitely want to be much smarter and younger than that.

You can think of alternatives for shoulder packs. Might be a shoulder jacket can be a great alternative that can make anyone look great. So, you can think of options instead of shoulder pads. Your beauty is in your hands. So be wise to take your decision.

39. Shimmery Makeup

Shimmer makeup can be attractive. But, if you try to put it much on your face, it can make you more aged. You will find some fake shimmer makeup in the market that can cause aging. So, you can try to become careful of false shimmer makeup!

40. You Know Chunky Highlights

You cannot imagine how fast you will become older if you wear the look of chunky highlights from a 90s magazine. Passing of time, you need to change chunky highlights and better replace them with balayage-style highlights.

Why balayage-style highlights, you may ask. Yes, It’s well painted and grows naturally, so it can make your looks up to date than you expect. That’s why you should avoid chunky highlights to keep you more youthful.

41. You Have Ill-Fitting Suits

Suits are one of the most fashionable parts that express women’s beauty. The outfits come from different designs, styles, colors, and cuts. If your suit matches your body shape accurately, then it can enhance your beauty. On the other hand, it makes you look older.

But, ill-fitting suits can not give you a good fit. When you get well-fitting outfits, you can try to find a pair of fitted blazers or pants. If the suits don’t fit well, they will put you uncomfortable instead of making your appearance beautiful.

42. You Use Deep Nail Polish

Nail polish can make a big difference that you can’t imagine. Many women tend to add fake lengths to their nails to increase their finger’s beauty. But, nail polish colors make your fingers look younger or older. So, you can think of which shade of nail polish you use on your nails.

Luminous nails can draw attention to others hiding aging marks. Therefore, brighter nails can make you look younger, and also the wrong color of nail polish can age you in the same way. Also, if you go with the nude color, it can make you look older.

43. You Use Kitten Heels

Heels can make you more appealing. So, you can be careful of choosing the right ones. There are many heels out there! Some are out of style and can age a person. But, when it comes to the kitten heels, it’s outdated. If you use these heels, you may look a bit more aged.

The heels you use should be comfortable. That’s because you can try shorter heels that can be more eye-catching and ensure a classical look. Also, you may take a look at the latest trend of heels to find out the best ones that will make you more juvenile.

44. Know About Rhinestone

How would it be if you add a little bit of sparkle to your outfit? It will be great! But, it will not be wise to add a rhinestone to your clothes. If you do so, it might increase your age and look you older.

There are many styles you can add to your outfit. Some trends can make you aged as they are outdated. Look, rhinestone can be excellent for the young person, but it will worse if you use it in adult-sized clothes.

You have to think twice before adding rhinestone to clothes, whether it looks more fashionable or older!

45. Interested In Blue Eyeshadow

Which eyeshadow do you love most? If your choice is light blue, you are not on the right track! According to the experts, blue eyeshadow must be avoided as it can age a person quickly. So, you can change your choice now. You don’t get an older look for sure.

You can use navy color eyeshadow instead of bright blue. Also, you may choose deep jade, but not green. Remember, the color of your eyeshadow can make you look older or younger. Sometimes, which appearance of eyeshadow you should choose depends on your skin texture.

So, be careful of choosing the right eyeshadow to make your look outstanding.

Final Words

In the end! How was the article? Have you found it helpful for you? Maybe you have enjoyed it a lot and discovered many things that you didn’t know before. In the write-up, we have shared many things that you should avoid to get a better appearance. You can do anything to hone the desired beauty.

The best has no ends. But, you always try to make yourself stand up and stand out with your face. Your face is your value. It was a long article, and you’ve shown patience only for knowing what makes you younger.

Everyone is a great lover of beauty like you. But acquiring beauty is a matter of practice, not a thing of purchase. Being beautiful and making looks younger is an art. If you don’t enjoy ‘making yourself younger,’ then you will be older at the very beginning. You can try to become an everyday younger person! Hopefully, you can be as you have the secrets already!

In the above article, we have unfolded many wrongs you do regularly. Is this correct? Hmm, now you know the right things. When you have the right ways, then why you go wrong? We have tried our best to find out the most significant secrets of beauty that can make you look younger!

So, let’s go and make your today great! Best luck to you!

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