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Words That Describe Worlds


Many phrases can be used in Latin, French and German languages. For the last century, people tried to identify what exactly they are doing but ended up with disappointment. Some phrases across the world are relatively unknown, however, these words have the capability of explaining a few scenarios that others can’t even explain. Please check if your daily life uses such phrases as discussed below.


Have you ever come up with an idea of leaving your partner or boyfriend, but you did not have the confidence to do it on your own? Some people were employed just to save a woman from her partner so that she can get rid of all her day-to-day problems. The term is rooted in the German language and such a person is referred to as “trennungsagentur”.

Sjo stygg

It can be important for some people in terms of their appearance and style. Such a Norwegian word exists which is impossible for people to use directly on others as it can be insulting.

The word is “sjo stygg” which is used to define an unattractive person. It is intended to insult someone and defines that somebody is so unattractive that the tide will never arrive on their feet when they are hanging out on beaches. This sounds awkward and we believe people from Norway will never use such a phrase on others.

Mouton Enragé

The second half of the word is “enragé,” which clearly defines one’s frustration and anger. This phrase is rooted in the French language which means “crazy sheep.” It is used to describe someone who handles tricky situations calmly but their anger bursts when they lose temper.

People nowadays have a lot of courage but if they lack courage and patience easily, then this word must be applicable to them.

Kanjoos Makkhichoose

We all know a friend who is very miser and will never pay for things or spends as little as possible. When you go for a tea or a coffee break, they are the ones who pay at last hoping someone might pay for them. This scenario is common around the world and you will definitely come across such a person.

They are referred to as “Kanjoos Makkhichoose” taken from a Hindi word. This means even if an insect falls on their food, they will suck out the food from insects and then go on to enjoy the food as well.


Do you know someone who gets highly emotional while singing their favorite songs? A person who expresses their feelings and gets emotionally active while they sing is commonly referred to as “cantepleure” Through this word you can annoy or irritate someone when you catch them crying while they sing.


When you are planning to improve your knowledge, try using these phrases while you meet such people. You could easily convince people of your knowledge and make fun of them simultaneously. Just a note, never use the word “sjo stygg”, if they happen to know the meaning, then you are surely gone!

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