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How to Glow Like Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner


If you live in the modern day then you know who Kylie Jenner is. This is doubly true if you are interested even remotely in the beauty or fashion industries. In these circles, her name hovers above the crowds like the Hollywood sign hovers above Hollywood, California. Kylie Jenner has revolutionized the world with her cosmetics company. Through her years on “Keeping Up With the Kardashians”, we have seen her rise from young sibling to powerful mogul, and that rise to power has meant a lot to her many fans and admirers. With her innovative personal style, Kylie Jenner has taken the world by storm. In this article, we’ll take a look at some of her best-kept beauty secrets.

Using two types of mascara at once

Vincent Van Gogh was considered an artist for his paintings on canvas, but Kylie Jenner is an artist for her paintings on her own eyelashes. It can’t be argued that her lashes look as if they were sculpted by the gods themselves, even when she’s just running errands. One method Kylie uses to guarantee stunning eyelashes is to use two types of mascara at once to create a deep, multi-toned look.

Many may just use some black mascara on both their lower and upper lashes and call it a day, Kylie sees things differently. What Kylie does is use the common black on her top lashes to make them bold then switches that out for brown mascara on her bottom lashes to give them a beautifully contrasting subtlety.

Using the right amount of moisturizer for your skin

Many people Kylie’s age suffer from acne and all sorts of other skin problems and blemishes. But not Kylie. Sure, we can say she just bribes her acne away with the fortune she’s amassed from her business ventures, but that isn’t necessarily the case.

Her skin is not just flawless, but gorgeously smooth, and this a direct result of her dedication to minimize her own use of moisturizer. Beauty companies like to pound home the idea that “moisturizer=good” so as to enhance their own sales, but Kylie has seen past this to the truth. For many, moisturizer actually has the opposite effect than is intended, making skin oily and clogging the pores. By using moisturizer only when necessary, this clears things up for the skin to breathe.

Routine use of sunscreen

girl tanning

As we’ve all heard from concerned family members and PSAs, sunscreen saves lives. But it also can make you beautiful. And what many people don’t realize is that sunscreen isn’t something that you only need to wear when the sun is out guns-blazing.

In fact, UV radiation can go through the clouds, and routine use of sunscreen can help impede the damage done by UV radiation at all times of the year.

Generous amounts of lip-balm

Many look at Kylie as having naturally flawless lips (and she does), but the lips you see when she’s out in public have a secret weapon. She wears her choice of lipstick during the day, but she always makes a point to put on lip-balm before bed. Effectively, this lip-balm rejuvenates her lips overnight and leaves them prettier than ever by morning.

So even though we all have differing opinions about many things, we can unanimously concur that Kylie Jenner is among the most beautiful people on the planet. By following some of her secrets for radiance, we can aspire to be as beautiful as her.

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