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Advice From Celebrity Moms!


Sometimes, it feels like celebrities are a different species altogether. It’s hard to imagine those beautiful, Instagram-ready aliens off the telly knee deep in dirty nappies or covered in spit up. But parenting is the great equalizer. No one looks glamorous when they’re trying to soothe a screaming baby at two in the morning! Below are some of our favorite opinions on parenting from celebrity moms.


The uber-talented singer-songwriter, known for her songs Empire State of Mind, Pt. II and Girl on Fire, said that becoming a mother actually increased her creativity! She also said that it made her a more contented and receptive. What a beautiful sentiment. This girl really is on fire!


After going through several, high-profile, troublesome years, Britney Spears said that having her boys helped her to turn her life around. What a perfect story of love and redemption.


It might be hard to imagine Christina Aguilera in a wholesome motherly role after she rose to fame with the hit track Dirrty. But Christina says that, for her, being a mother is all about the happiness of her children. It is her goal to make them smile every day.


For Drew Barrymore, star of Charlie’s Angels and 50 First Dates, motherhood teaches her how to be her best self every day. I think we can all relate to that.


Motherhood has directly influenced the career of author Margaret Stohl. Margaret has said that, thanks to her daughters, she intentionally writes intelligent and courageous female characters that her children can look up to.


One of the hardest things when parenting is finding that balance between freedom and security. Despite having everything, even superstar Nicole Kidman says that this is something she struggles with everyday. Nicole acknowledges that, in order for children to develop character and resilience, you need to let them get into scrapes. But of course, she’s always there when her children truly need her!


For Olivia Wilde, best known for her role as Remy in House, motherhood is a chance to free yourself from all the selfish attitudes you’ve accrued over your life. When you learn to put another human first, that is truly liberating. Well said Olivia!


Singer-songwriter Sheryl Crow has a beautifully unique and spiritual view of motherhood. Her belief is that little souls find their mothers whether or not they are the biological offspring of that mother. In this way, her adopted sons, Levi and Wyatt, found her. What a heart-warming image!


For the hilarious Tina Fey, writer and star of 30 Rock, motherhood is a roller-coaster. For Tina, thanks to motherhood, she has never before been so tired but also so happy. Doesn’t that sum up motherhood perfectly.

There you have it, even for superstar Hollywood moms, motherhood is an arduous but ultimately fulfilling challenge. So the next time you are watching these glamorous celebrities walk down the red carpet in their flawless dresses and make up, remember that when they get home to their kids they’ll be just a messy as the rest of us!

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