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5 ways to avoid that winter cold


Winter cold is one thing you should be afraid of. The cold can make you stay in bed for a long period of rendering you unproductive. During winter is when the infection becomes rampant. It is widely known that prevention is the best medicine, therefore this explains the need for taking early precaution.

Are you short of ideas on how to avoid that winter cold? Well, you don’t need to worry about anything anymore. We will be able to get you through 5 ways that will help you in avoiding the cold. Here are top 5 ways to avoid that winter cold

1. Keep warm

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During winter ensure that you dress warmly. This helps whenever there is an ice drop. Making your body warm ensures that you don’t feel the cold hence no shivering. Shivering has been associated with causing cold. During shivering the immune system gets depressed hence the likelihood of getting a cold increase.

2. Limit sugar intake

Uncontrolled sugar intake can have a great impact on your immune function, especially during winter. Excess sugar increases insulin hormone in the body, this results to inflammation which in turn leads to immune system depression.

The weaker the immune system the high the chance of getting winter cold. Therefore always consider consuming less sugar during the winter period.

3. Be active

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Involve yourself in activities that ensure that makes you active. Try to jog, rope skip, run or even visit a gym during this period. Doing this will help your body in generating more heat that will be able to keep you warm. This exercises can also help in keeping your immune system in check.

Exercise is known to help in the multiplication of the immune cells in the body. It also increases the blood circulation in the body ensuring the cells reach every part of the body. This helps your body to fight any cold causing agents that might be finding their way to you. Therefore it is advised to do moderate exercise more regularly to achieve this.

4. Get enough sleep

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Lack of sleep makes you prone to infections. Therefore ensure that you sleep at least for 8 hours during this period. The cell and balancing hormones responsible for our immune system occurs during the night that is when you are sleeping. Depriving yourself sleeping hours can negatively affect your immune system.

This will make the system unable to fight infectious agents, hence increased possibility of getting cold. Ensure that you practice healthy sleeping habits.

5. Wash your hands

Ensure that you wash your hands more often. This will help in keeping the viruses responsible for causing cold at bay. It is very easy for you to touch contaminated objects especially when you are surrounded by people who are infected. Washing your hands regularly helps in eliminating the viruses hence keeping you healthy.


Never assume anything during winter. Winter cold can be reoccurring if you are unable to check on your health habits. Ensure that you put into consideration the point discussed above to the later and you will be assured of a cold free winter. This will go a long way in ensuring that your work schedules are not interrupted for being sickly. Hope we have been of help.

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