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Top Most Popular Brands amongst the Millennials Right Now


The statistics do not make any false statements. Millennials prefer getting the taste for the swankier stuff in their life. This is perhaps one of the main reasons why they are generating more revenues as compared to their predecessors. This has inspired a sort of laissez-faire tradition in terms of buying luxury items and brands.


In fact, a survey conducted recently in Europe, China, and the US on as many as 3000 customers revealed that the millennials between the age of 18 and 35 years made a significant contribution that resulted in an 85% growth when it comes to the spending in the market of the luxury items.

Besides this, it has been predicted by the study that individuals within the identical age group will be representing an enormous 45% of the luxury expenditure by 2025. This particular report had been released 14 days earlier on Friday.

Therefore, the question is that what are the most preferred brands for the millennials out there? In the United States of America, the list is headed by the likes of Gucci and Louis Vuitton. This is as per a survey conducted by the UBS which probed into the fluctuating facets of the social media information.

Interestingly, the physical stores seem to be more preferred in terms of shopping in spite of the fact that the intent of purchasing online is higher amongst these people, unlike the older parties.


Furthermore, it has been observed that the Chinese millennials allocate a significant portion of their income, approximately 20%, to buying luxurious items and services. Having said that, the identical percentage seems to be the case in terms of older folks in China as well.

Nevertheless, it has been observed in Italy and the US that the millenniums seem to have bigger spending budgets, unlike their elders. Bearing that in mind, we have presented here some other brands which appear to be hugely popular amongst the millennials at present.


Following the luxury items, this particular mega streaming site happens to be the next popular brand amongst the millennials right now. In excess of 5 billion video clips are being watched on a regular basis on YouTube and a large portion of these views go to the millennials.

Furthermore, YouTube has provided the chance of operating their personal business on the web to many millennials and thus has created a fantastic source of revenue for them. Apart from this, it is likewise a wonderful source of news and entertainment for innumerable millennials who happen to be always online.


Google is unquestionably amongst the most popular sites on earth. In fact, it can be considered to be the king of all the online searches at present.

Furthermore, Google Ads has provided a fantastic source of employment to the millennials thanks to its ability to help one in monetizing their websites. It is hardly surprising that Google has become remarkably popular amongst these people right now!


The phrase – “Netflix and Chill” – is considered to be synonymous with contemporary dating. It has now turned into an international phenomenon thanks to this inexpensive streaming giant on the Internet.

As a matter of fact, Netflix provides the versatility plus ability to see documentaries, feature films, and series while traveling and this has made it amongst the most coveted brands by the millennials. It will be a mistake to refer to this media giant as an unbelievable cult sensation. As a matter of fact, Netflix is considered to be the biggest streaming site on the planet while ignoring iQiyi of China.


At present, Jeff Bezos is considered to be the richest man on the planet and he owes his success to the millennials who have a huge appetite for products and services. However, the sole difference is that a comparatively big portion of the millennials would like to wait for their items rather than purchasing those from the mall.

Bearing this in mind, the effectual delivery services of Amazon has made it hugely popular amongst the millennials right now who like to wait for their items to be delivered at their doorsteps.


This company has made a mark in both the movie and gaming industry. As a matter of fact, the PlayStation 4 which happens to be their present console offers a huge opportunity to the millennials to have a good time after working the whole day. Furthermore, another mode of amusement or the feature films which are being released on a regular basis.

Besides this, Sony also manufactures quite a few domestic electronic items like microwaves, refrigerators, flat screens, plus other essential gadgets. Having this type of extensive array of essential items, it is not surprising that Sony happens to be one of those brands which are treated with respect by the millennials. Having said that, other significant mentions consist of Pixar, UPS, plus Kellogg.

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