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Being a Celebrity Isn’t As Great As You May Imagine

Being a celebrity and having all eyes on you might sound pretty awesome but there are a lot of negatives to the lifestyle too. Sure a bank balance in the millions would be amazing, but there are pros and cons to everything.

The paparazzi

paparazzi photographer


The dreaded paparazzi, otherwise known as a bunch of middle aged men carrying big cameras and snapping photos of you constantly. Paparazzi are known to borderline stalk celebrities but it’s actually completely legal for them to do so. If you don’t want to see unflattering photos of yourself wearing no makeup while taking out the bins, don’t become a celebrity.

The public pressure

As a celebrity, eyes are on you constantly and you feel a constant pressure to be on your best behavior. Everything you do is captured and put out there for scrutiny. When you are just a “normal” person, you can do what you want and not be judged (to an extent), but this doesn’t apply if you are well known.

Not being able to trust anyone

When you are famous, you don’t know if somebody is around you or trying to be your friend because they actually like you, or because you are a star. Will old friends sell stories on you? Will people make up lies? It is really hard not knowing who you can trust and your circle of friends might automatically becoming a lot smaller or even non existent if you are a celebrity.

Possible stalkers

paparazzi photographer

The idea of being adored might be pretty appealing but what if it goes to the next level? People can feel like they know you and this can get very attention. There are many stories of celebrity stalking that has actually proved fatal over the years and who knows what is going to happen? You never know who might be lurking nearby when you are a celebrity and at least you know that the paparazzi have limits because they are only doing their job!

No private time

paparazzi photographer

There are no doubt that some celebrities who have got their fame from reality shows are eager to broadcast their private life for the whole world to see, but that isn’t the case with all celebrities. Celebrities are constantly questioned about their love life and generally are expected to share every aspect of their life. It is nice to have private time and the chance to relax without pressure but you definitely won’t get that if you are a celebrity.

The false rumor mill

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Everyone at some point has had rumors spread about them and this would be even worse if you are in the public eye. Celebrity gossip can get drastically out of control sometimes and it is not nice to be involved in. Tabloid magazines and newspapers often make stuff up that does not have a grain of truth to it.


There is no doubt that there are a lot of perks to being a celebrity but it isn’t all fun and games. Before you set your sites on stardom, it’s important that you consider both sides.

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